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Title: Lost Boys | School of VFX - Class 9 Showcase
Post by: Mark Benard on June 25, 2012, 11:39:50 AM
Lost Boys | School of VFX - Class 9 Showcase

(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/LBSBanner.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/)

Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/) is proud to announce the graduation of Class 9 of it's Visual Effects Production Diploma Program.

Our full-time Visual Effects program is an intensive study of creating photo-realistic VFX, primarily using Autodesk's Maya and The Foundry's NUKE, supplemented by other specialty software to provide more exploratory options.

"It was a pleasure and an honour to have shared the studio with such a creative and skilled set of individuals.  The level of support and camaraderie that I witnessed amongst the students was unprecedented.  They banded together, inspiring and pushing each other to higher levels.  We are very proud of their achievements and welcome them to the Lost Boys Alumni. I am not surprised that this class has also enjoyed 100% placement."  - Mark Bénard | Founder & VFX Director

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Pedro Colmenares - CG Generalist
(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/PedroBanner.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/)

"Lost Boys Studios | School of VFX helped me to be where I am since the first day of the class, because their program is designed to prepare us to work for the VFX industry. We do more than just projects and VFX exercises. We do portfolio and web preparation, we do industry studies and studio tours and we learn what the industry expects from us and that helps us to be prepared.  Also, the LBS staff is always promoting us, showing our work to several studios and people around and that's why most of the LBS graduates can find a job very easily."

Country of Origin: Spain
Current Employment:  CG Artist, Gold Tooth Creative (http://goldtoothcreative.com/)
Website URL:  http://www.colmenaresvfx.com/

(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/Pedro.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/experience/photo-gallery/student-work/alumni-reels/demo-reel-pedro-colmenares-class-9.txt.php)

Andre Rios - VFX Artist
(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/AndreBanner.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/)

"Besides the best program, and the best teachers in Vancouver, the school has unique qualities in the market. The total immersion within the projects is a very strong point, the lostboys actually live the projects, and participate in its conception to its completion by traveling all fields of vfx.

Another strength is the way which teachers  and staff treat students, is an almost paternal relationship, where the difficulties of each student are taken into consideration. Teachers are present to answer questions and allay anxieties whenever we have problems.  I feel that the school was like a home for me, where i spent most of my time and always had access to the best content possible, from best books and bluerays to the best tutorials and workshops.  Besides of course the company of my classmates that even today are great friends. Oh, and even had my own key so I could spend day and night on my crazy projects."

Country of Origin: Brasil
Current Employment:  Jr. Compositor, Hydraulx VFX, Vancouver (http://www.hydraulx.com)
Website URL:  http://www.andrerios.com/

(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/Andre.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/experience/photo-gallery/student-work/alumni-reels/demo-reel-andre-rios-class-9.txt.php)

Rajavel Loganathan - Compositor
(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/RajaBanner.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/)

"Mark Bénard is a very influential Mentor, helping us with ideal inputs to make our shots look stunning. He gave us more freedom and support in executing our projects. I very much loved working with him. Thanks for making learning Visual Effects more fun and easy."

Country of Origin: India
Current Employment:  Jr. Compositor, Prime Focus, Vancouver (http://www.primefocusworld.com/)
Website URL:  http://www.rajavfx.com/

(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/Raja.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/experience/photo-gallery/student-work/alumni-reels/demo-reel-rajavel-loganathan-class-9.txt.php)

Shane Kao - Compositor
(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/ShaneBanner.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/)

"When I first came to Lost Boys I worried about my lack of computer graphics experience as well as my struggle with the English language. The way Lost Boys records all lectures and demo's made it possible for me to study at my own pace and better understand the complex techniques involved in the creation of VFX. I highly recommend Lost Boys | School of VFX."

Country of Origin: Tiawan
Current Employment:  Jr. Compositor, Hydraulx VFX, Vancouver (http://www.hydraulx.com)
Website URL:  http://www.shanevfx.com

(http://www.lostboys-studios.com/images/forumstills/Class9-GradShowcase/Shane.jpg) (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/experience/photo-gallery/student-work/alumni-reels/demo-reel-shane-kao-class-9.txt.php)

Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects (http://www.lostboys-studios.com/) is North America's only dedicated visual effects school offering an intensive ten month program supplying world-class training in photo-realistic 3D for VFX and compositing for film and television.  Our students work with the award-winning VFX Supervisor/Mentor, Mark Bénard, in a project-based learning environment, covering VFX pre-production and shooting, 3D for VFX and compositing.  Boasting over a 98% placement rate, Lost Boys is the eminent school of visual effects.  For more information please visit our website at www.lostboys-studios.com, www.lostboys-vfx.com or join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SchoolOfVFX.

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