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Author Topic: IATSE is holding an Informational Meeting  (Read 2397 times)
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« on: February 10, 2011, 03:15:22 AM »

Please see the source for this information at the VEA[BC] website

From VEA[BC]:

"IA representatives have contacted me asking me to post information to members on an event.   While we thank IA for doing so, and for finally organizing something, please remember the VEA is in a stasis period and should not be relied on to deal with issues right now without greater community undertaking.

IATSE is holding an Informational Meeting 

In the “…decidedly cooler clime …” of BC it will be held at Shebeen; a much loved little scotch bar attached to the Irish Heather in lovely Gastown; where,“…in sunny Southern California…”, it will be a picnic in a picturesque park in Santa Moncia.  Both events are happening on the same day at almost the same time in less than 7 days making it feel like some coordinated military strike or shock and awe moment.  The times do seem to be set up to allow the best attendance possible and we hope answers will be provided that the public wants. 

Vancouver:  The Shebeen in the back of the Irish Heather on Carroll Street
February 13, 12.00pm

Los Angeles: Dorothy Green Park, Santa Monica
February 13, 1.00pm

The events are being touted as: “…an opportunity to chat with your fellow artists, compare working conditions, and ask the questions you want answered of the union about the organizing drive, the benefits of a union, employment classifications, etc.” 
It is interesting to note that both events are more social in nature, at a small watering hole and a park, rather than official meetings with pointed question and answer periods.  This makes it feel more like a public image event than the moment of truth meeting that BC VFX persons have been hoping for.   It is, however, something, and IA did come to the VEA to post, so make the effort and show up.  We’re contacting representatives of the VES to help get the word out in both regions as best as possible.

I would recommend that attendees at both events arrange for someone to gather the key questions the community wants answered and having this one person put the questions to the representatives directly.  This would avoid one on one misstatements and misunderstanding by placing the answers to everyone at once.  Impressions on the Q&A would better be able to be discussed later on as everyone should have heard the same thing.  Regardless of your view on the union it is your duty to inform yourself on issues affecting your careers.  The union is not going away.

The VFX community must get its head out of the sand and start to think as one.  We are a global community.  The “runaway production” terror that still exists in the US isn’t so cut and dry and certainly not for intelligent and artistic persons of technology.  Think about it friends: if Vancouver facilities organize, what does this imply for the worker at the motherships in LA and, visa versa.  Company policy will be the path of least resistance and greatest profit.  Will the union locals allow companies to exist outside their representation when they own the satellite or mothership worker?  Will the union deals of one region translate directly to the next through company policy?  I doubt facilities would waste their time negotiating and renegotiating deals for every facility if their workers force a union on them.  Note also that IA is not holding a New York, London, Toronto, etc etc etc meetings simultaneously.  If they get LA, do they get Vancouver? If they get Vancouver, do they get LA?  If they get either I think it safe to say that they get that country.  Do they get the world? 

Americans, you need to look at what your Producer’s Association negotiated onto VFX workers hired directly by production in BC on behalf of IA without the workers input.  This is a framework and understand in existence.  Work for what works for you and for the community.

Everyone, VFX People everywhere, you all should do everything to understand what the union says will happen.   I will post what I hear from the BC event on this site for you to see.  I hope someone in LA will notify us what happened down there.  I hope VFX people globally will consider what is going on in North America.  You should then look at things logically and evaluate how our, your, everyone\\\'s jobs work in compared to their plans.  How will their plans effect your regions?   How will this these plans impact long term employment health locally and in other regions?  Do not let this issue become simply about Overtime.  Laws exist now regarding employment standards and they do not need a union to be called upon.  Ask yourselves what is the point to what you want and what will a union do to make it better.  Is I.A.T.S.E. your best option?  Options are always available.  As a group it is up to all of us to work for the one that works best for us all.

Think Locally, act Globally."

Jill Pearson
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